3 comments on “David challenges Goliath : Vini’s 18+ vs HUL’s Axe

  1. First, Nice post and super analysis.
    Now my 2(kaudi) cents:

    Though I agree this ad “breaks the clutter”, but I also feel they’ll not be able to challenge Axe, or eat up a share of their market. I may not apply a marketing concept but my explanation stems from a gut feel 😛 (purely my perspective). An axe ad always uses English as a medium of communication and also has a sophisticated naughtiness embedded in their ads. They are not outright cheesy like say a Denver(chick with huge assets in skimpy clothes) or Wild Stone(don’t even get me started on how corny they are).
    In a country obsessed with Western Culture (Foreign Male models in these ads are a testimony to that) a majority of the consumer market feels that what is “Foreign ka product” is necessarily a better choice. Products like Axe/Garnier products etc have managed to grab hold of that market.
    This ad with it’s use of Hindi language and rather course colloquial lingo like LKPD instantly disconnects itself from the Axe consumer and probably plays in the same space as a Denver/Wild Stone.
    Pulling a spoof on Axe does invoke a chuckle or two but I think when you get back to the market, with an Axe@150 v/s this at 250 you still might pick up an Axe.

    P.S: This is solely my perspective and holds not Marketing Logic. Feel free to rubbish it as a rant of a bored ex-marketing enthusiast 🙂

  2. Brilliant Sir! I had not thought of the Blue Ocean angle on this. Vini is effectively carving out a small blue ocean sub-category in a huge red ocean – this is the perfect strategy to penetrate a Red Ocean

    I read your presentation as well Sir. The connect between seed and ad dispersal is excellent. I have also left a comment there bringing in a perspective of Luxury Branding.

    Keep Reading and Commenting,

    Sushant Bahadur

  3. Dear Sushant,
    This is almost a perfect post. I like it. Again, it reminds me of the Blue Ocean Strategy. The four pillars of this strategy are 1( Raise it- they raised the price 2) decrease it by decreasing indirectly the offer of their competitors 3) eliminate and 4) create by creating an added value by combining the deodorant with perfume.
    This is a great post. BTW, I published last week a presentation on SS entitled Ads Dispersal. It borrows ideas from seeds dispersal to ads dispersal. You may find some of your analytic fit very well. If interested, the link to my presentation is


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