8 comments on “Volkswagen: Marketing backed by a flood of Dollars

  1. Great article and yeah the bit about unnecessary celebrity endorsements and exotic locations is insightful.
    the same money can give multifold results had it been invested in some path breaking innovative campaigns.

  2. we saw a vw commercial today i think on the mlb channel 2 guys traveling thru the country listening to a tape oe a disc learning to speak spanish funniest commercial ever would like to see it again any help?

  3. Hey Sushant,
    This is another grand post. You hughlight many important issues such as plenty of money may have ill-effects and the re-birth of newspapers advertising.
    Let me quote you ” they heard a mini-sized, pressure-activated device play a recorded message about the Volkswagen Vento. Reportedly, VW spent around Rs 5 Cr on this…”. Could you tell me more about this device? What is Rs 5 Cr in US$? Thanks, sushant for your great posts

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