5 comments on “Lava Mobiles: Going Emo too soon?

  1. Hey Sushant

    Although acc to brand laddering model focus should be on functionality, but can’t functionality be expressed in a better manner using some emotions. Just compare this ad all the other ads(http://www.lavamobiles.com/lavatvc) of Lava.
    How much shouting over the roof regarding your product features helps in brand recall. I want even like to watch other ads completely once while this one definitely would watch more than once and has a better brand recall

    • Hi Tejinder,

      I agree that one would want to watch this ad more than the other ads which talk about products. But I feel that a) It adds to ad-recall and not brand-recall. Few customer would associate this ad with Lava, and b) Phone handset markets, especially at low-to-mid segment are driven strongly by functionality and economy, none of which Lava has established till date. That is why I thought that they had made a far too quick jump to Emotional aspects.

      Thanks for your comments! Keep reading and commenting!

      Sushant Bahadur

  2. Amazing Analysis, i must say..
    I totally agree. The USP i.e. SRS sound was not delivered to the viewer. The Karbonn Ad for the same USP was much better. That ad concentrated on the attributes and delivered the message.

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