4 comments on “Campaign Analysis: iPhone – Creating the Right Hooks

  1. Another important feature of the TVC is the stress on the integration of the feature description with the User Experience. For every feature, the TVC talks about the usage experience that the consumer would have, and not just a description of the feature (which seems to be good strategy, considering the fact that most smartphones now come with similar, if not identical features).
    The sign-off line “If you dont have an iPhone, well you dont have an iPhone” also brings home the fact that there might be comparable products available, but the iPhone experience is unmatched.

    • Bang-on! It leverages on the cult-image Apple has among consumers as well as prospective consumers. They have always focused on creating an aura around User Experience.

      Keep reading and commenting!
      Sushant Bahadur

  2. Hello Sushant,

    I liked this post, mainly this part Focus on Lifestyle instead of Business. It applies a creation of a new value, which is a cornerstone of the Blue Ocean strategy
    Sushant, have you complied your posts in a PDF book format? If so, I would love to get a copy

    Thanks in advance

    • Sir, I don’t have a PDF copy of the articles. I tried to assimilate my posts into a file, but WordPress is not allowing me to do it in a user-friendly format. If I am able to get an app to do the same, I will definitely send across the file to you.

      Thanks for the continuous encouragement !

      Sushant Bahadur

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