4 comments on “Campaign Analysis: Maruti Suzuki tries to Up the Ante!

  1. Congrats on 10,000 hits Sushi.. 🙂 Truly, this Ad makes no-sense watsoever, and I couldn’t agree more that maruti is almost brown-nosing to the youth-with-disposable-income TG. V2 has got many Ads on mileage, and all are not clear(Mileage of Jet, Ship,etc.), but the one you have put up is ultimate-ly direct. Love your blog. A regular reader I am, but subscribed today only (Donno Y :)) .. Keep Up the Inspiring Work.. :Cheers:

  2. Good article..
    You could have included the marketing campaign of WagonR also…The company came up with marketing campaign for its 4 cars ie. Alto, A-Star, Wagon-R and Ritz to safaeguard its position from the growing dominance of Hyundai and VW.
    Even WagonR ad seems to be lacking as it does not convey the connect with the consumer with only focus on the number of sales done by the company.


    • I just saw the WagonR ad and I agree with your views on it. It is disappointing.
      When I think of Maruti, the great ‘India comes home in a Maruti’ ad comes to mind. These ads are nothing in comparison to that campaign!

      Keep Reading and Commenting!

      Sushant Bahadur

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