4 comments on “The Concept of Purple Cow: Solution to Consumer Saturation?

  1. In the book it is mentioned, that purple cow relates to change in the product or packaging.. or process per se.. It says that advertising is part of old marketing which do not create any differentiation for the product.. Most of the examples that you have given are mostly related to advertisements.. how the two things relate??

    • Hi Aakash,

      I agree to your point. You are correct in saying that the book reflects purple cow in the context of product or packaging changes.

      The reason I have changed the perspective a bit, and talked more about the advertisement styles is due to the context of the book. The author, and hence the book, talk about trends in developed countries. By virtue of being developed, the advertising styles of these countries have reached a stage of maturity. That’s why, it is typically rare to do something radical in advertising styles, and easier to do it in product/packaging/processes.

      In Indian markets however, on account of not-so-high penetration of TV/Internet, advertising styles too are in the evolution stage (some pointers to this being lack of planning in marketing campaigns, lack of research in associating with proper brand ambassadors, just spending advertising budgets on contracting the most popular celebrity in town etc)

      Hence, most of the radical ‘purple cow’ things are done in advertising styles. That’s why, relative to an Indian setup, I have talked about radicality in advertising styles, because the ultimate aim of purple cow is to differentiate and grab attention.

      There of course are organizations who still bring about a change through packaging/product innovations. Vanish, as taken up above is a prominent example.

      Keep reading and commenting,

      Warm Regards,
      Sushant Bahadur

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