3 comments on “Campaign Analysis: Mentos (in association with ‘Luv ka The End’)

  1. Well totally agree. It doesn’t have the Mentos trademark-Spontaneity & Witiness. Actually couldn’t figure out whom they are targeting through this ad, because in such situations the last thing you would go for is a Mentos.They created something awesome called-‘Dimaag ki batti jala de’ and I think thats the way for them to go..because some things never loose thier freshness and there is no need to experiment around with thier essence.

    • Exactly!! Chlormint too did something similarly stupid some time back, when they brought in Salman and Sohail Khan to add ‘glam’ to the campaign and it backfired !!

      It is as you said – I would never reach out for a Mentos in this situation. Mentos positioning was a generalistic one, talking about innovative thought processes. It indicated that the people who are known for wittiness and those who consume mentos are one and the same. And this ad tries to create an artificial use of mentos to ‘generate ideas’ !

      Keep reading, and keep posting!

      Sushant Bahadur

  2. A couple other movie associations recently coming to fore:

    1. Navratna Cool Talcum Powder – with Dum Maro Dum
    2. Kelloggs – with Chalo Dilli (which stars their brand ambassador Lara Dutta)

    In both cases, again, I find it difficult to build a connect between the brand and the movie. So, unless it was an economical proposition, or is slated to deliver more benefits through in-film placements, this doesn’t make much sense.

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