3 comments on “Cricket World Cup 2011: A marketeer’s perspective

  1. 🙂 Thanx for the feedback. Much appreciated !!

    I agree, the customer connect is the pivot around which the success of campaigns depends. That is why the Bleed Blue (admittedly with an awkward topless Sreesanth), became a success, since it was able to build a bond with the customers.

    About the frameworks – I tend to avoid frameworks in general, and try to make the review as much from a customer’s POV as possible, trying to separate the marketer and the customer within me. But as you have pointed it out, I will try to put in some conceptual stuff in my posts as well.

    Keep Reading 🙂

    Sushant Bahadur

  2. A Nice Read !! Keep Going !!

    One Observation :

    – I agree to the fact that few brands soared up in the sky, while others fell flat on ground in CWC’11. The reasons vary from execution to bad publicity but the moot points remains to same – How I ‘The customer’ is going to connect or even benefit from it !!!

    A case in point : Nike’s advt ‘Bleed Blue’ is the most talked advt. for not being visually appealing (Sreesanth topless screaming – Not at all please) but on utility factor to the our cricket crazy mass it is the essence of our emotional connect to cricket. We Bled Blue for last 28 years & will continue to do so in coming years too.

    A humble advise my friend : An post event analysis is much appreciated if coupled with an conceptual framework for the reader (as in this case is the ‘Emotional’ Need of ‘REAPS Model’).

    – Cheers !
    Akmal Nachol

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