3 comments on “Telcos through CWC ’11 : No sponsorship, no style?

  1. @ Above

    I agree to most of your points, and of course, the advertisements are supposed to showcase value more than the brand. But, in today’s telecom scenario when service quality is fast becoming hygiene factor, I feel that the operators need to differentiate their brands based on advertisements, creating a recall in one way or the other, because soon value-proposition isn’t going to be a major differentiator .

    For example, Uninor and Docomo haave been differentiating themselves on innovative pricing such as location-based discounts; Idea talked a lot about eco-conservation and people remember that, and Airtel is till date remembered with the old Rehman signature tune. Both these factors had nothing to do with quality.

    Aircel has been talking about his mVAS – I agree to that, they have been doing a good job.

    And Vodafone zoo-zoos this time around were never intended to showcase value. They already talked a lot about mVAS when they were first launched in IPL 2. Their network universality has been the talk of the town with the ‘pug’ campaigns. This time, the purpose is to create a buzz about 3G being the future and indicating that Vodafone is ready with it. And the ads achieve one target – when you now think of 3G, high probability that you will think about the vodafone zoo-zoo. Marketer’s job is done there, it is the quality of service delivered that has to take it across the line now.

    Thanks for reading, and thanks for sharing your opinion. Marketing anyways is an expression of everyone’s opinion 🙂

  2. Dear Author,

    You have seemed to miss a important point – The essence of advertising is to tell the customer how ‘We’ can fulfill the needs of customer. Not just promoting the brand to the customer to prescribe the service because one is super-active or big on advertisements.

    The Indian customer is smart enough to differentiate between the promise & deliverable.The advertisements do provide an adequate knowledge about brand & it’s deliverable. But in case of telecos – the fierce competition deem this strategy of not going for ‘Value based’ advertising rather sticking up as a big brand will definitely hamper the much talked brands reputation in terms of service provided.

    On the same lines, The most important aspect that differentiates the different telecos is not the way they put across their brand on television but the way they inform the customer of there ‘useful’ service – example being that of Value Added Services, which is the only differentiating point in the competition of equals (in terms of service quality).

    If we talk about 3G : Vodafone is definitely ahead of other brands in promoting it’s 3G services through Super-Zoozoos : But is it enough for the customer to go for the service because the ad showed a zoozoo faster & quicker. The talk will always be their which should be the part of any brand but the ‘Value’ in sense of being practically applicable in our life is missing. The idea advt (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8YxzdlEY9A) mightn’t be well constructed but did carry an essence of ‘practical utility‘ for customer. I can think of Aircel (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_9DEq4Dki4) which till date has focused on VAS and have always delivered the advertisements pertinent for customer – the practicality aspect is quite visible for the customer.
    – Value is what is needed to showcase rather than a blatant display of brand is required in a competitive sector with so many equally competent player. God Save the rest !!!!

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