3 comments on “Campaign Analysis: Smith and Jones Tomato Ketchup

  1. quite confident about heinz share since know the brand mgr. they r worldleaders but havent got any traction in India. So Smith and Jones is definetely above 20% and above Maggi in mkt share.
    my feel is they have deliberately not done product or name customisation. Tomato ketchup is a foreign food for majority Indians n hence Smith and Jones or Delmonte as a brand is actually perfect. Sometimes we tend to c the world through our metro city prisms n logic n mayb make a mistake. also another 2 brands of note are tops n cremica both v strong in north india 🙂

  2. I agree to the fact that they are going regional, and as I mentioned in the post, in general it is a good strategy. But then, there are two factors which are going against them in the quest:

    1. Going regional should have more product customizations than merely changing language of the advertisements
    2. The brand name itself, Smith & Jones, is too foreign-sounding for the interiors of the nation where, as you said, the penetration is already low, consumption/requirement too is low, and the competition is also with homemade chutneys. Perhaps a different sub-brand too could be given a shot.

    Regarding the numbers in market shares, there seems to be some confusion. Coz, after your comment, I searched around a bit, and found a few articles stating that Maggi, Kissan and Heinz are dominating the Indian markets, together accounting for close to 80-90% of the market. Smith & Jones has been with pretty low shares, and Del Monte of course is just starting.

    Note: I did also find a source which mentioned 20% market share for Smith & Jones, but since all sources seemed credible enough, I am still looking for a concrete listing of market shares, will put up as soon as available.

    Thanx for Reading 🙂
    Would look forward to your comments and feedback in the future!

    Sushant Bahadur

  3. Good points but 2 corrections actually, heinz is actually an insignificant mkt player in India with less than 2% mkt share. Smith and Jones is actually the 3rd largest national player with 21.35% share just .5% point behind maggi and 1.75% behind kissan. delmonte doesnt even have 1.5% mkt share.
    2nd from what i understand these advts are running only on regional channels n designed for a specific audience. havent seen them on hindi gecs. but do know they r a huge advertiser on mahuaa bhojpuri, national etv network, zee marathi, bengali channels and single screen theatres etc. Don’t know the pshyche of that consumer. maybe they know something about that consumer which u n i metro folks havent figured out. quite possible coz without great insights there is no way snj could have been breathing down the neck of mncs like nestle n unilever.
    one last point- tomato ketchup as a category has only 7% penetration in tier 2-3-4 india n these advt seem to b pandering to them. ciao

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