5 comments on “Brand Laddering – Moving up the Consumer Mindspace

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  2. Dear Sushant ,
    I am very happy you liked the presentation. I liked your response very much. I would like slideshare readers to benefit from your comment. Would you be kind enough to repeat it on slideshare? If too much trouble I may add a comment, copy and paste this comment with a link to this page.

    Again, I look forward to reading more of your articles

  3. Dear Sir,

    The presentation is indeed insightful, especially because it takes the reader down to the grassroot level of association, taking very common day-to-day examples. Using examples like men disliking the strawberry drink and the women liking it makes it much easier for the reader to connect with and understand the concept. Kudos !

    It is great to receive feedback from you. Keep reading and commenting.

    Sushant Bahadur

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